Friday, March 20, 2015

Weather applications - update

We are working hard to incorporate more weather servers into our weather applications. We have almost finished and we are currently performing tests. We will soon release a beta version of the Transparent clock and weather application on the TCW beta testers community. If someone wants to become a beta tester, click the link TCW beta testers link and ask to join.

3D sense has already been released on Google Play and includes one more weather server.

Thanks for the support!


  1. I tried, but the link for tcw beta testers isn't working for me.

    1. Please try again.

      5 people have already joined since yesterday. Open the link and click the Join button. If something goes wrong, let me know.

    2. There's a message that says I need an invitation to join this private community. The only link is TCW beta testers and it doesn't work for me (nothing happens). I am signed into Google but perhaps because I don't have a google+ account profile? Tried on FF, Chrome and IE with same result.

    3. That is right Jeff, you need a Google+ account to be able to join the community.

  2. droid can you tell me what is the name of earlier weather server before openweathermap?
    regards Sal

  3. The openweathermap shows on my flip clock as heavy rain. Hasn't been any rain here for some time. App is no good if it doesn't work. Please fix.

  4. yep open weather is not good....

  5. Can;t find weather server option anymore, and it's not 44 F in Burbank. I never used to think about this app because it just worked, not it's all FU'd.

  6. Hello,
    I have always used the transparent clock and weather app and love it! What is the difference between it and the 3D sense app? I just took a look at it on google play and they look very similar...
    I hope there is a fix for TCW soon :)


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