Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Important fixes in the latest release of Sense flip clock & weather widget

Version 0.60 of the Sense flip clock & weather widget includes some important fixes in the time flip animation as well as some improvements and support for more languages. The main changes of the new release are:

- Added new skins (square with semi-transparent and fully transparent background)
- Added option for different high and low temperature color (requested)
- Added Czech localization
- Added Turkish localization
- Display option for state abbreviation if extended location is checked
- Fixed hour flip problem on unlock
- Update time from last display on unlock
- Fixed problem with fog icon
- Fixed international location related weather problem
- Minor bug fixes

As always, please reports bugs or suggestions by e-mail.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fast Dialer update available

Fast Dialer version 0.85 is now available on the Google play store. This version includes ICS and Jelly bean related bug fixes as well as important improvements, mainly in the contact list/grid view. Furthermore, the ads have been removed from the contact list screen.

Click here to visit the Fast dialer application on the Google Play store.

Please report any issues via e-mail.

New version of Transparent clock & weather

Version 0.46 of the Transparent clock & weather application has just been released on the Google play website. This version contains mainly bug fixes, and improvements as well as full support for Czech and Turkish. The most important changes are listed below:

  • Added Czech language support
  • Added Turkish language support
  • Added option to update location when Internet connection is established
  • Remove global (background) hot spot. Use the minutes or upper left corner hot spot to go to settings
  • Changed weather background images (better visibility of weather information)
  • Fixed background proportions in weather forecast layout
  • Changes in the 4x1 widget layout
  • Landscape layout date problem fix (a problem with the date display on the widget in landscape mode)
  • Fixed weekday problem in weather forecast page
  • Fixed night weather condition bug
  • Fixed fog icon
  • Fixed battery display level (when < 10)
As always, please report any issues by e-mail.