Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Transparent clock & weather version officially released

The latest version of the Transparent clock & weather application, version has been released officially on Google Play. This version includes a lot of bug fixes, language corrections and optimizations. Here are the release notes:

- [new] Added new date format, Mon, 25.12.2012
- [new] Added start and end time options for hour change sound (under Notification settings)
- [chg] Italian translations for battery info and other options
- [chg] Location detection accuracy and speed improvement changes
- [fix] Fixed localization change and initialization issues
- [fix] Fixed next event calendar selection issue (please select calendars again!)
- [fix] Fixed battery level % display on battery information page
- [fix] Memory optimizations
- [fix] Bug fixes

Please email us regarding any problems or suggestions you have.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Weather applications updated

Our weather applications have been updated and are available on Google Play. The new updates include several bug fixes and memory optimizations. Get the latest update of your weather app from the links below:

3D flip clock & weather
3D Sense clock & weather
Digital clock & weather
Sense flip clock & weather
Sense V2 flip clock & weather

There is also a new beta version of Transparent clock & weather available here:
Transparent clock & weather (beta)

Please email us if you have any problems or suggestions regarding any application.