Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Problem with weather updating on all weather applications

Since July 30th, a weather server related problem has caused all of my weather applications to stop updating the weather. The affected applications are Transparent clock & weather, Sense flip clock & weather, Sense V2 flip clock & weather, 3D flip clock & weather, 3D sense clock & weather and Digital clock & weather.

We are currently working on an update for each of the applications that should fix this problem. Please wait until the update for your application is available on the Google Play store. There is no need to uninstall the application, reset it, delete the cache or locations. Once you get the update everything should start working again.

If you are reading this, please tell anyone you know (who is using any of the above applications) about this.

Update (July 31st)
An update has been published for all of the above applications on the Google Play website and the problem should be resolved when you upgrade to the latest version.

Thank you for all the support.