Turning off doze mode for an application in Android 6 (Marshmallow)

If your device is running Android version 6 (Marshmallow) and you are having widget time freezing problems, this could be caused by the Doze mode feature of Android. You can disable the Doze mode feature for the application by doing the following (screenshots included). Note that this could also fix a problem when automatic weather updates do not work.
  • Go to phone settings
  • Select Battery (1)
  • Select the menu (upper right corner) (2)
  • Choose Battery optimization (3)
  • Select All apps from the list (4)
  • Find and select the Transparent clock & weather application (or any other application you want to exclude from Doze more) (5)
  • Select the Don't optimize option (6) and click DONE


  1. Hi, I have excluded Transparent weather clock from battery optiomized apps and it is currently not optimized. I also restarted device (Oneplus 3) after doing so. But still, phone shuts the background process and freezes the clock when ever I swipe of all the extra programs on background using default "open applications" -list. Any changes to exclude this widget when clearing open applications by using this default method (brush icon) ?

    1. Hi Kullervo.
      If the application you are using kills all running tasks, this includes our application as well and there is nothing we can do about it. What you can do is exclude our app from the list when you perform the kill all task.