Monday, March 5, 2012

New theme pack for the 3d flip clock & world weather widget released

The 3d flip clock & world weather theme pack #4 was recently released on the Android Market. The theme was requested by a user and features 3 glowing skins in shades of green and blue that match Mariux's Tron and Glow legacy themes or Tron based wallpapers. Please note that this is not a standalone widget; you need to have the 3d flip clock & world weather widget installed in order to apply this theme.

Let me know if you have any ideas about new themes.

Updates for the clock widgets

New versions of the following widgets were published on the Android Market.

Sense flip clock & world weather widget
3d flip clock & world weather widget
Digital clock & world weather

The latest updates feature minor bug fixes as well as changes to the weather forecast screens (including better support for different layouts). You can also add or manage additional locations directly from the weather forecast page by tapping the location area (the top part of the forecast screen) or the menu button.

Another new feature that was added to the Digital clock & world weather widget is the ability to choose the weather forecast server. This option is the Weather forecast server and can be found under the Weather & location settings.