Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Weather server issues on weather forecast applications

Dear users.

We are facing weather server related issues. The 'weather not updating' problem that started recently is caused by a weather server problem, not by your Internet connection (as the application reports). We are trying to issue a temporary fix to the problem and we have already started working hard on implementing a different weather server.

Like we said in email replies, our intention is to include more than one weather server choices. This will take some time but we will do it eventually. What is important for now is to fix the problem a.s.a.p.

If you know any other users of our applications please inform them about this.

Thank you for the support!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

New version of Transparent clock & weather widget just released

Version 0.84.21 of the popular Transparent clock & weather application has just been released. This latest update includes many new features, new widgets, improvements, support for more languages and bug fixes. Check out the application's demo video below and share it if you like it.

Release Notes
- [new] New weather forecast page user interface
- [new] Hourly weather forecast
- [new] 7 day future forecast
- [new] Hourly wind forecast
- [new] Added barometric pressure on widget with extra weather info
- [new] New 4x2 widget with hourly forecast
- [new] New 4x3 widgets with extra weather and 5 day or hourly forecast
- [new] Changed location information page (now uses Google maps)
- [new] Added Google maps page
- [new] Options for setting wind speed, visibility and pressure units
- [new] Japanese and Macedonian localization
- [new] Display temperatures and current location on Google maps
- [new] Changes to widget hotspots
- [new] Launch default calendar application when date clicked (you can still specify a custom application)
- [new] Display next event time
- [new] Next event date format
- [new] New widget skins, (50% transparency)
- [chg] Rearranged widget skins
- [chg] Widget appearance changes (fixes)
- [chg] Removed 'Update on manual update' option
- [chg] Moved Network settings under Weather & location settings
- [opt] Optimization changes
- [fix] Many Bug fixes

Check the widget hotspots information in the application's Help file. Also make sure that you choose the desired weather unit settings from Settings > Weather & location settings; there are now additional settings for atmospheric pressure, visibility, wind speed and daily weather date format.

In addition, widgets can now be re-sized on tablets and display bigger text and weather icons; check out the related screenshots on the application's Google Play listing.

Please note that this is a major release. Some things were changed, many things were added and a lot of bugs were fixed. It is still possible though that some bugs may be found. In such a case, please email us and let us know.

As always, report bugs, suggestions and requests via email and if you like the application, recommend it to a friend.