Thursday, August 29, 2013

New update for Transparent clock & world weather widget

Transparent clock & world weather widget version 0.60 has just been release. This version is a major update and contains many new features, changes and bug fixes. A complete list of the changes follows.

- [new] Added Ukrainian localization (thanks to Vadym)
- [new] Added Spanish localization
- [new] Added Vietnamese localization
- [new] New application theme, Holo Light
- [new] New widget skins (Dark text 100% transparent, hour emphasized, etc.)
- [new] Added new weather icons skin (black icon set)
- [new] Display location time on widget when displaying a different location
- [new] Added new date display format, Mon, 2012/12/25
- [new] Display a * if multiple events exist for the same day
- [chg] More accurate location information display in location info activity
- [fix] Fixed next event display for recurring events
- [fix] Fixed display of next event for days with more than one events
- [fix] Fixed white weather icon resolution problem
- [fix] Fixed weather not saved bug when restarting device
- [fix] Fixed weather refresh period update bug
- [fix] Location detection bug fix for special locations
- [fix] Fixed bug with locations getting deleted
- [chg] Widget layout changes

As always, please email us if you have any issues.

Thanks for the support.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fast Dialer version 0.86 released

Fast Dialer version 0.86 has been released on Google Play. The new version of the application includes many changes and improvements.

Fast Dialer is now ad-free, loads faster, supports two new skins (White on white background and White on black background) and has an option for automatic enabling of the Bluetooth function when charging; this option is useful for Bluetooth enabled cars; just plug your phone in when you enter the car and the application will automatically enable the Bluetooth function; it will also turn off the Bluetooth function when you unplug it.

Furthermore, Fast Dialer has been redesigned with a toolbar at the bottom of the screen that contains all the quick access functions (messaging, dialer, call log, favorite contacts and contacts). A complete list of the release notes follows.

  • [new] New navigation (toolbar at the bottom of the screen)
  • [new] Added option to turn bluetooth on and off on charging (car mode). Please note that Bluetooth permissions are now required by the application.
  • [new] New themes, white on white background and white on black background
  • [chg] Removed advertisements (added option for donation)
  • [chg] Faster application loading
  • [chg] Layout changes

If you like this application recommend it to your friends. You can also leave a comment on the Google Play website and optionally donate a small amount to support further development.

Finally, if you have any issues, problems or questions, please email us.