Sunday, October 20, 2013

Transparent clock & world weather application version 0.65 released

The latest version of the popular Transparent clock & world weather application & widget has been released on the Google Play website. This version contains important fixes regarding location detection as well as 3 new (non-transparent) skins (requested by users). A list of the changes and some screenshots of the new skins follow:

- [new] Added 3 new skins (solid black background) (requested)
- [fix] Fixed location getting stuck problem
- [chg] Optimizations are enabled by default
- [fix] Fixed location and weather update sound notifications
- [fix] Fixed location display for locations containing international characters

Please report any problems/issues by email and make sure to rate the application on Google Play if you like it.

New version of Digital clock & world weather released

Version 0.86 of the Digital clock & world weather application and widget has been released on Google Play. This version contains some important fixes on location detection, a new widget skin (requested by users), a new weather icons theme and some minor bug fixes. The location detection related changes fix the problem with the location getting stuck. Following are some screenshots of the new widget skin and weather forecast icons.

As always, please report any problems by e-mail and remember to rate the application if you like it.