Thursday, June 7, 2012

New version of 3D flip clock & world weather on Google play

A new update of the 3D flip clock & world weather application has just been released on the Google Play store. This update contains major changes, improvements and additions. Some of the most important changes are:

  • Fixed problems with support of International characters in the weather forecast information
  • Better handling of dynamic location
  • [new] Weather forecast layout changes (added new backgrounds)
  • [new] Added weather refresh button in the weather forecast page
  • [new] Added support for a new external theme pack (theme pack 5)
  • [new] Easier location setup at startup (for new installations)
  • [new]Added support for Swedish and Bulgarian weather forecast
  • [new] Better preview in widget font selection
  • Changes in weather icon and theme pack previews
  • [new] Open the weather forecast activity from the application tray (no need to have a widget in order to view the weather forecast)
  • Sunrise/sunset fix
  • Changes in 5x2 widget layout
In case you find any problems don't hesitate to report them by e-mail.

Thank you for all the support

New theme pack #5 for the 3d flip clock & world weather widget released

The Orange and red glowing theme pack (them pack #5) was just released on the Android Market. The theme was requested by a user and features 5 glowing skins in shades of orange and red. These new skins complement the skins in Theme pack #4 and match Mariux's Tron and Glow legacy themes or Tron based wallpapers. Please note that this is not a standalone widget; you need to have the 3D flip clock & world weather application installed in order to apply this theme.