3D flip clock & world weather help

Click here for help on adding the widget on your home screen

Widget hotspots

The widget contains several hotspots, ie, rectangles that respond when the user taps them. The following image shows the widget hotspots:

  • Hotspot 1: Minutes
  • Hotspot 2: Hour
  • Hotspot 3: Weather icon
  • Hotspot 4: Current temperature
  • Hotspot 5: Current location
  • Hotspot 6: Weekday
  • Hotspot 7: Month/day
  • Hotspot 8: Location change hotspot
The actions performed when the hotspots are tapped (clicked) are the following:
  1. Minutes hotspot: Display the widget main preferences screen
  2. Hour hotspot: Launch the default alarm application - This should work for most of the phones including HTC, Samsung, Nexus and Motorolla
  3. Weather icon hotspot: Display the weather forecast screen
  4. Current temperature: Update weather information (request new forecast from the Internet)
  5. Refresh the location
  6. Launch weekday application (select application in Advanced settings)
  7. Launch month application (select application in Advanced settings)
  8. Display the weather for the next location (if you have entered more than 1 locations)

Note about the alarm application!

If the hour hotspot (hotspot #2) does not work on your phone, (i.e., tapping it does not launch your the alarm application) you can select the alarm application (or any other application you want to launch when the hour is clicked) by doing the following:
  • Tap the minutes (hotspot #1) to go to the Preferences screen
  • Tap 'Advanced settings'
  • Uncheck the 'Default hour action' checkbox
  • Tap the 'Select hour click action' and wait for the applications to load (this can take some time, depending on how many applications you have installed on your phone)
  • When the applications list appears, locate the application you want to launch and tap it
  • Press the Home button to return to your home screen

Note about task killers

If you have a task killer application installed on your device, exlude the widget from its auto-kill list, otherwise the widget will stop working.
Rating the widget If you like the widget you can leave a rating and comment by doing the following:
  • Open the Android market
  • Tap on My Apps and locate the 3D Flip Clock & Weather widget
  • Tap the stars located under the 'My review' heading
  • Select your rating
  • Once you have rated the application you will have the option to leave a comment
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In case of problems using the widget, please send us an e-mail and try to provide the following information:

  • A clear description of the problem
  • The hardware (type of phone) and software (Android version) you are using
  • Any other information that might be useful to us in solving the problem (whether the error is random or not, if it is happening often, etc, when no connection is available, etc)


  1. I love this widget, but have a problem.
    I want to have two widgets on my home screen.
    #1: should show the time and weather for my current position.
    #2: should show the time and weather for a fixed position.
    Problem is that when I change the settings in ONE widget, then BOTH change.
    How do I avoid that?

    1. This is not possible to do. What you can do is use just one widget on your home screen and add your second location as an additional location. You can then user the location-change hotspot to switch between the two locations time and weather.

    2. If it can't be done, why would I launch up to 4 widgets then?
      It is pointed out on Google Play that it's possible.
      I find that description confusing.

    3. You can do that from the weather forecast page, like I said before. Try it and you will see that it is better. Having two widgets running on your device for something that can be done with just one of them is not right. Why consume twice the battery if you can see the weather for any number of locations from just a single widget?

  2. Love the app, but I just purchased the Note 5. I use the 5x2 setting, but it appears way too small on my screen. Any chance of a larger version?

    1. Thanks Kris.
      Try resizing the widget - that should do what you want. To resize the widget, tap and hold on the widget, choose resize and drag to resize. Email us if you have any more problems.

  3. retry: Tried to change color in temperature on a Samsung S5 but it only turns from white to black with white wire/borders(color was set to red....) This also goes for place, weather, High/low as well

  4. Thank you for reporting this.
    Please email us and send us a screenshot so we can see what the problem is.

  5. My app was recently updated to 2.31.09 and I now have persistent weather notifications on my status bar and can't figure out how to disable them. I also didn't find a FAQ for disabling them. Can make a short post on how do turn the weather notifications off?

    1. settings->notification settings->untick temperature notification and weather alerts

  6. On the latest update, did you change the hour/minutes font? Now it's somewhat different and a bit thinner! And the hour/minutes shadow option in settings, seems to has been removed or changed! Is there a way now to add the shadow and change the font for hour/minutes numbers?

    1. Hi Lazos. In the last update we made a lot of changes because we are now targeting the latest Android versions (the app is much more battery efficient now). Because of this we had to remove the font settings and some other options. We are looking for a way to bring them back in a future update.

  7. Hello, I've been using 3 flip clock and weather for years without a glitch but I've encountered some problems since the latest updates. I have Xiaomi mi 5 working on MIUI 10 Oreo 8 and I use transparent wire widget 5x2. Default hour and minutes actions and weather icon (hotspots 1, 2, 3) work flawlesly but when I change default hour action to my preffered alarm app and default minutes action to something else it works fine for a period of time and then it stops functioning. Nothing happens when pressing hotspots 1 and 2 and hotspot 3 still functions. I have no task killers installed, 3D Flip... has autostart turned on in the app settings and is on exclusion list for batterry optimization. Any suggestions?

    1. Edit:
      It stops working with default hour and minutes actions, too.

    2. Thank you. We will check this and fix any problems.

  8. got huawei p9/android7 and now reset, with 3d flip clock and the 3d F/C is messing up with not updating position. weather is shown from equator south of Guinea after I have reinstalled the 3D and phone position uses GPS/WiFi/mobile net. I don't want to set location manually; 3D shows weather from equator Guinea in sun and 30 Celsius and GMT+00 when i'm actually in GMT+01 and rain and +2 Celsius.

    1. Thank you for the feedback.
      Please install the latest version of the app and let us know if you have any more problems.

    2. Got the latest version, same problem. It shows weather from equator Guinea with sun and 30 Celsius and GMT+00, I am in Norway(snow/rain). But when i press crosshair/zoom on map, the map show my correct position, but weather is still Guinea.
      Seems like the problem might be that "automatically use my location" doesn't work properly

    3. Thanks.
      Then there is a problem with the app accessing your location. Make sure that the app is granted access to Location - if not sure how to do that reset the app and set it up with default settings making sure that you allow it to access your location. Email us at support if you still have problems.

    4. The app is granted access to location.Have reinstalled many times but problem stays. Have tested it on friends phones too (3), same problem there too