Friday, March 17, 2017

Transparent clock & weather version now available

A new version of the Transparent clock & weather is now available on Google Play (free version and premium version). The new version includes many important bug fixes, language corrections, widget layout changes, optimizations and new options. Release notes and screenshots follow.

Release notes, version
- [new] Option to turn expandable notifications on or off (under Notification settings) (available in premium version)
- [new] Option to toggle forecast from daily to hourly in temperature notification (available in premium version)
- [new] Fixed white icons notification visibility issues
- [new] Added Stealth mode option under Advanced settings - check it if you have time freezing problems
- [new] Support notification temperatures icons of up to -50 degrees
- [new] Display detailed location option under Weather & location settings (nn-check this option to display the city instead of the area/district, if available)
- [new] Display second line of weather information on 4x3 widgets
- [new] Full screen on/off option (Advanced settings, Display notification bar)
- [new] Display added locations on map (menu > Map)
- [new] Precipitation unit setting
- [chg] Fixes/improvements in widget layouts (please resize your widgets if necessary and report any problems)
- [fix] Language corrections
- [fix] Bug fixes

Second line of weather information on the widget and Precipitation unit settings

Detailed location and Expandable notification options

Switching full screen on or off

Changing the default location (from automatic to manual/fixed)

Note regarding the Display full location option.
The Display full location option can be used in cases where the location displayed is an area or neighborhood. In cases such as these you can display just the city by un-checking this option. Note that in many cases this option will not have any effect if no more information than the city is given to the application.

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