Sunday, April 10, 2016

New version of Transparent clock & weather now available

The new version of the Transparent clock & weather, version is now available on Google Play. This new version includes a log of important new features, bug fixes and optimizations.

Some of the most important new features added are hourly forecast display for 2 days or more (depending on data provided by the weather provider) and weather graphs (a new tab under the weather forecast page). You can now see hourly or daily weather at a glance using the new weather graphs feature.

Here are the latest version release notes:

- [new] Added weather graphs option on the weather forecast page
- [new] Display UV index and visibility on hourly forecast (Foreca and Weather Underground only)
- [new] Remember last weather forecast page
- [new] Display hourly forecast for more than 2 days
- [new] Added option for week number calculation (Time & date settings)
- [new] Display current address in My location page
- [chg] Use system notification volume for weather alerts
- [chg] Changed widget moon phase icons
- [chg] Weather forecast page changes
- [fix] Include special calendars in calendar selection (next event display)
- [fix] Display SD card storage for more devices
- [fix] Use current time format for weather alert time
- [fix] Bug fixes

Please report any bugs you may find and we will fix them as soon as possible.

Thank you for the support!