Friday, July 7, 2017

New beta version for Transparent clock & weather

New beta version for Transparent clock & weather just released. Version includes important bug fixes, optimizations, new features, languages and options. You can get the beta version from Google Play at

Here are the release notes:

- [new] Added Malay and Filipino localization
- [new] Added option to set UV index color
- [new] Added option in forecast page to change degrees (Celsius <-> Fahrenheit)
- [new] Added new weather background themes
- [new] New date formats
- [new] Added option to change the weather alert sound notification
- [new] Added sunrise and sunset information on daily forecast for all weather providers. Refresh weather if necessary to update info
- [new] Display moon phases for the next 60 days
- [chg] Use regular fonts in hourly and daily forecast pages
- [chg] Start weather app in full screen mode. Use 'Display notification bar' option under 'Advanced settings' to show notification bar
- [fix] Optimizations
- [fix] Bug fixes

Please note that the new version includes a lot of changes so there may be some problems - in such a case, please report them by email.