Transparent clock & world weather help

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Widget hotspots 

The widget contains several hotspots, ie, areas that respond when the user taps them. The following image shows the widget hotspots:

Hotspot 1: Minutes
Hotspot 2: Hour
Hotspot 3: Weather icon
Hotspot 4: Current temperature
Hotspot 5: Current date
Hotspot 6: Wifi icon
Hotspot 7: Settings hotspot
Hotspot 8: Battery information
Hotspot 9: Next location

The actions performed when the hotspots are tapped (clicked) are the following:
  1. Minutes hotspot: Display the widget main preferences screen
  2. Hour hotspot: Launch the default alarm application - This should work for most of the phones including HTC, Samsung, Nexus and Motorolla
  3. Weather icon hotspot: Display the weather forecast screen
  4. Current temperature: Update weather information (request new forecast from the Internet)
  5. Tap to open associated application (user defined)
  6. Tap to launch WiFi settings
  7. Minutes hotspot: Display the widget main preferences screen (alternative hotspot in case the minute hotspot is changed by the user)
  8. Battery information hotspot. Tap to view details about power status and consumption.
  9. Next location hotspot. Tap to display next location weather information on the widget.

Note about the alarm application!

If the hour hotspot (hotspot #2) does not work on your phone, (i.e., tapping it does not launch your the alarm application) you can select the alarm application (or any other application you want to launch when the hour is clicked) by doing the following:
  • Tap the minutes (hotspot #1) to go to the Preferences screen 
  • Tap 'Advanced settings' 
  • Uncheck the 'Default hour action' checkbox 
  • Tap the 'Select hour click action' and wait for the applications to load (this can take some time, depending on how many applications you have installed on your phone) 
  • When the applications list appears, locate the application you want to launch and tap it 
  • Press the Home button to return to your home screen 

Note about task killers

If you have a task killer application installed on your device, exlude the widget from its auto-kill list, otherwise the widget will stop working.

Rating the widget If you like the widget you can leave a rating and comment by doing the following:
  • Open the Android market 
  • Tap on My Apps and locate the Transparent Clock & Weather widget 
  • Tap the stars located under the 'My review' heading 
  • Select your rating 
Once you have rated the application you will have the option to leave a comment

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In case of problems using the widget, please send us an e-mail and try to provide the following information:

  • A clear description of the problem
  • The hardware (type of phone) and software (Android version) you are using
  • Any other information that might be useful to us in solving the problem (whether the error is random or not, if it is happening often, etc, when no connection is available, etc)