Monday, April 29, 2013

Major update of the 3D flip clock & weather application

Version 0.93 of the 3D flip clock & weather application has been released on the Google play website. This release includes major changes, bug fixes, optimizations and new features. Some of the most important changes include dynamic weather backgrounds, display of the current moon phase, possibility to increase the   time font size, more weather icons, hide the weather and hide the top half flap shadow. A complete list of the changes follows:

- [new] Added weather localization for Chinese, Korean and Lithuanian
- [new] Added full localization for Catalan, Croatian, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Slovakian
- [new] New weather forecast layout (with dynamic background)
- [new] Added moon phase on weather forecast page
- [new] Changes in weather icon themes
- [new] Added 2 new weather icon themes<
- [new] Added option to change font size
- [new] Battery and memory optimizations
- [new] Weather update optimizations
- [new] Added option to hide the weather
- [new] Added option to show/hide the flap top shadow
- [new] Added display of wind speed in meters per second on weather forecast page.
- [chg] Changed battery and alarm icons
- [chg] Increased widget hotspot area
- [chg] Widget layout changes
- [chg] Update all locations when temperature hot spot is tapped
- [fix] Fixed French localization problems
- [fix] Time zone related bug fixes
- [fix] Bug fix in location selection
- [fix] Location related bug fixes
- [fix] Fixed battery 1% Motorolla bug
- [fix] Fixed activity stack bug

Please emails us for any issues.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Transparent clock & weather update just released

A new version of the Transparent clock & weather application has just been released. Version 0.55 includes some important bug fixes and a new weather icon set. The list of changes follows:

  • Added new weather icon set
  • Fixed SD card free space display for ASUS Transformer devices
  • Fixed internal memory free space display for specific devices
  • Fixed bug in battery information display for Galaxy Nexus devices
  • Fixed Galaxy Note time freezing related bug
  • Fixed Croatian language errors (thanks to Sassa)
  • Shorten the length of long calendar event titles
  • Minor bug fixes
Please note:

Before reporting a time freezing error please make sure that you are not using any task killer or battery/memory optimizer application. These type of programs kill background running processes in order to save battery and free memory. In doing so, they also kill the application's time updating process, that is why a lot of users experience time freezing problems. If you are using such an application check if it is possible to add the Transparent clock application to the white list (or the exclude from auto-killing list) of the related program (check the settings).

If you have any problems please send us an email.

Thank you for the support.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Sense flip clock & weather version 0.61 release

The latest version, 0.61 of the Sense flip clock & world weather application has just been release on the Google Play website. This update is a major one included new features, bug fixes, optimizations and lots of changes. A list of the most important changes follows:

  • Battery and memory optimizations
  • Added weather forecast localization for Korean, Chinese and Lithuanian languages
  • Added full Romanian localization (thanks to Marius)
  • Added full Slovak localization (thanks to Rastik)
  • Added full Catalan localization (thanks to Ferri64)
  • Added full Italian localization (thanks to Fevv)
  • Added full Swedish localization (thanks to Mathias)
  • Added full Polish localization (thanks to Mathew)
  • Added full Croatian localization (thanks to Kristijan)
  • Added new date formats
  • Added 2 new widget skins (larger time text and flaps - see screenshots above)
  • Added new weather icon set
  • Added 'Disable optimizations' option under advanced settings (select this option if you experience any time freezing problems)
  • Enlarged weather icon set #5
  • Changed weather icon set #2
  • Display current hex color in hex color selection dialog
  • Widget layout changes
  • Display 1% battery increments for Motorola devices
  • Fixed slower / faster description in animation speed selection
  • Fixed time zone update bug (for additional locations)
  • Fixed sunrise/sunset time zone related bug
  • Fixed activity stack bug
  • Minor bug fixes

As usual, please report any issues via email. 

If you experience any time freezing problems after the update, please check the Disable optimizations option under Advanced settings and see if the problem is fixed. If the problem persists please email us.