Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Transparent clock & weather update just released

A new version of the Transparent clock & weather application has just been released. Version 0.55 includes some important bug fixes and a new weather icon set. The list of changes follows:

  • Added new weather icon set
  • Fixed SD card free space display for ASUS Transformer devices
  • Fixed internal memory free space display for specific devices
  • Fixed bug in battery information display for Galaxy Nexus devices
  • Fixed Galaxy Note time freezing related bug
  • Fixed Croatian language errors (thanks to Sassa)
  • Shorten the length of long calendar event titles
  • Minor bug fixes
Please note:

Before reporting a time freezing error please make sure that you are not using any task killer or battery/memory optimizer application. These type of programs kill background running processes in order to save battery and free memory. In doing so, they also kill the application's time updating process, that is why a lot of users experience time freezing problems. If you are using such an application check if it is possible to add the Transparent clock application to the white list (or the exclude from auto-killing list) of the related program (check the settings).

If you have any problems please send us an email.

Thank you for the support.


  1. where can i modify the settings, skins? waiting for your advices to

    1. Tap the minutes on the widget to go to settings, select Appearance settings and then Widget skin. Select the skin you like from the list that appears.

  2. Time freeze problem is not solved. Is it not possible to take time info from phone itself? No need for data transfer for it...

    1. Then you must be using a task killer or similar (battery/memory optimization) application or your phone is low on RAM. If the Enable optimizations option is not checked then there is no reason the time will not update.

      Note that the time is taken from the system time, it is not transferred from the Internet. If it is not updating then it means that the process that does the updating is not running and that happens when this process is stopped/killed by either another application (such as a task killer) or by the system (because the later is low on memory).

      Check the above and email us if you have any more problems.

  3. I have the same time freeze problem and I am not low on RAM (3 GB of RAM on Xiaomi Note 3 running Android 5 of which available 1.5 GB). I tried to lock the app but didn't work. Very annoying to have big widget on homescreen with incorrect time!

    1. Thanks Corina.

      Please try the following and email us if you have any more problems.

      1. Start Security App (from applications)
      2. Select Permissions
      3. Select Autostart
      4. Check our weather application (Transparent clock & weather)

  4. Yess! Works fine now! Thank you so very much for such a prompt answer and good solution to my problem! Beautiful app, love it!