Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Transparent clock & weather version just released

A new version of Transparent clock & weather and Transparent clock & weather Pro/ad-free) have been released no Google Play.

The new update includes new features optimizations and bug fixes. Check the release notes below for full details.

Version - Release notes
- [new] Option to choose hour change notification
- [new] Added haptic feedback on widget weather refresh hot spot
- [new] Added daily to hourly forecast hot spot in the 4 day forecast widget (TCW 02)
- [new] Display 15 day forecast (OpenWeatherMap weather provider only)
- [new] Display more detailed location name (when available)
- [opt] Optimizations
- [chg] Changes in tablet widgets
- [chg] Display wind direction on widget instead of direction icon
- [chg] Round pressure to whole number if unit is mmHg or inHg
- [chg] Changed sunny day weather background
- [chg] Weather forecast user interface speed improvements
- [fix] Update next event and next alarm immediately after changes to calendar or alarms
- [fix] Fixed week number display on 4x1 widget
- [fix] Bug fixes

Please let us know if you find any more problems by sending an email.