Friday, December 30, 2011

Frequently asked questions for the 3D Flip clock & weather widget

Q: How do I install the widget?
A: Please refer to the widget's help file. Go to the applications drawer and tap the widget icon.
There are step by step instructions as well as a video on YouTube that explains how to install a widget on your home screen. Here is the link to the video:  3D Flip clock & weather

Q: I have installed the widget on my tablet, it shows in the application drawer but I cannot find it in the widgets listA: Reboot your tablet and check in the widgets list again.

Q: When I tap the hour, the alarm application does not open
A: You have to specify the alarm application. To specify the alarm application do the following:
  • Go to the preferences (tap the minutes)
  • Tap Advanced settings
  • Deselect Default hour action
  • Tap on the Select hour click action and wait for the application list to load
  • Find your alarm application from the list and select it
  • Go back to your home screen and test it by tapping on the hour; it should now open your phone's alarm application
Q: What is the minimum refresh distance setting?
A: It tells the gps system to notify the program when the distance from the last known location changes by more than that amount.  For example, if set to 5 and you are at location A, when you move 5 kilometers away from position A the program will be notified for a location change.

Q: I followed the instructions to add the widget on my Acer Tablet but it doesn't work.
A: To add a widget on an Acer tablet, perform the following::
  • Tap the + symbol in the upper right corner of the screen or press and hold your finger on an empty area of the screen for a few seconds.
  • Select the item you wish to add and drag it to the desired screen you wish it to display on.
  • Tap the Home button when done.
Q: How do I add the widget on my Motorolla Xoom tablet?
A: To add/remove widgets on a Motorolla Xoom tablet follow the directions below:
  • Tap + in the top right hand side of the screen to open the 3D customisation screen
  • at the bottom of the screen, you'll see a list of widgets. At the top, there's your five homescreens.
  • To add a widget, drage it from the bottom of the screen onto the screen you want to customise.
  • To remove widgets, select one of the homescreens and press and hold the widget and you'll feel a vibration. You can now delete the icon by dragging it to the trash at the top of the screen.
  • To move a widget onto another screen, press and hold until you feel the vibration and drag the icon to another homescreen
Q: The weather is not updating. It is noon and it shows a full moon
A; Your phone is probably not connected to the Internet. When connected to the Internet, the weather will update on the next minute change (if the weather refresh period has elapsed). To see when the weather was last updated, go to the weather forecast (tap the weather icon) and look at the Last updated information. To manually refresh the weather tap the big weather icon.

Q: If I select the weather on the widget it first shows the original weather display and then when I scroll to the next screen over it shows the weather of the location I want
A: You have probably specified an additional weather location as your current location and the current location is wrong. Try to reset the widget following the steps below:
  • Go to the home screen
  • Tap the menu button
  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Applications
  • Tap Manage Applications
  • Location the widget in the list and tap it
  • Tap Clear data and then OK
Go back to the home screen, remove and add the widget again. Wait for a few seconds until the widget finds your location and refreshes the weather.