Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More features added in 3d flip clock & weather widget

Over the last 30 days the 3d flip clock & weather widget has been enhanced with lots of new features. Some of the most important ones are the following:

  • Added alternate weather forecast server option under Weather & location settings
  • Optionally display the location timezone in the detailed weather forecast page
  • Added option (under Advanced settings) for adjusting the battery position (if visible)
  • Added option (under Time & Date settings) for adjusting the widget date format
  • Scroll long location names in weather forecast page
  • Display current wallpaper as background when choosing skin
  • Added option for displaying location information (press menu on weather forecast page, then tap My location)
  • More optimizations (please report any problems)
  • Added menu in forecast page (use it to jump to widget preferences)
  • Added option to display location details in forecast page menu (use this to see full location details as well as GPS position)
  • Added option to specify application to launch when minutes are tapped (Settings, Advanced)
  • If alternate application is specified when the minutes are tapped, tap anywhere on the widget to bring up the preferences
  • Handle empty GPS based weather data (please report if there are still issues)
  • Fixed the time display on high resolution displays
Furthermore, a lot of bugs have been fixed (especially problems with weather updates not working for specific locations).

Big thanks to all users that send bug reports, suggestions and requested new features.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Support for external theme packs added in 3D flip clock & weather widget

The latest version of the widget supports external theme packs. External theme packs may contain additional skins, images, layouts etc. They can be accessed by going to the widget settings screen, Appearance settings, Additional skins. Available theme packs will be listed there, together with an indication of weather they are installed or not. If a theme pack is not installed, you can tap it to visit the Android Market and download it. If it is installed, tap it to activate it or select one of the included skins.