Monday, March 9, 2015

Sense V2 flip clock & weather just updated

Version 0.63.10 of the Sense V2 clock & weather application has just been released on Google Play. The new version includes lots of improvements, bug fixes, language corrections and new features. Please note that if you are missing something from the previous version (i.e., the old weather forecast layout or the moon phase on the current conditions layout) you can still bring them back from settings. Read below for a complete list of changes.

Release note for version 0.63.10
- [new] Added moon information page in weather forecast
- [new] Added humidity, pressure and precipitation information in hourly forecast
- [new] Added option to notify on manual weather updates
- [new] Added option in weather forecast menu to delete the current location
- [new] New current conditions layout (to bring back previous layout, remove check from New weather layout under Weather & location settings)
- [chg] Removed moon phase from current conditions (add it back from option under Appearance settings, Advanced settings)
- [new] Serbian (Cyrillic) localization
- [chg] Changes in weather icon themes 1 and 8
- [chg] Removed 'My locations' option from settings (now accessible from weather forecast menu)
- [fix] Fixed weather sharing issue
- [fix] Language corrections
- [fix] Bug fixes

If you find any problems, please send us an email. We do read the comments you post on the application's page on Google Play but the best way to report a bug or problem is always by sending us an email.

If you enjoy using this application, please take a few minutes and rate it on Google Play. Also, do not hesitate to send comments and suggestions for future updates.

Thanks for the support.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for reporting this.

      There is a problem with the weather server again - nothing wrong with the update. We will be releasing an update later on today with support for a different weather server. That should take care of server problems permanently.

      If you know any other users of the application, please inform them about this.
      Thanks for the support.

  2. My language has changed to Danish. How do I get it back to English.

    1. Go to settings, choose the option before the last one (Advanced settings), choose the first option (Language) and select the desired language (or Default to use the devices's language)

  3. Clock not reflecting DST in USA and cannot find a setting?

  4. Thank you for the feedback.
    Please refresh the weather and the time should be corrected. Email us if you have any more problems.