Monday, March 2, 2015

New version of 3D Sense clock & weather just released

Version 0.76.22 of the 3D Sense clock & weather application has just been released. This new version includes several bug fixes, improvements, new features and support for a new language. Here is a list of the release notes and some screenshots.

Release notes
- [new] Added moon information page in weather forecast
- [new] New current conditions layout (to bring back previous layout, remove check from New weather layout under Weather & location settings)
- [new] Added humidity, pressure and precipitation information in hourly forecast
- [new] Added option to notify on manual weather updates
- [new] Added option in weather forecast menu to delete the current location
- [new] New moon icons
- [new] Serbian (Cyrillic) localization
- [chg] Changes in weather icons theme 1
- [chg] Removed 'My locations' option from settings (now accessible from weather forecast menu)
- [fix] Language corrections (thanks to all users for the help)
- [fix] Bug fixes

Please report any problems, suggestions or questions by email.

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