Friday, November 29, 2013

Digital clock & weather update 0.89

Digital clock & weather version 0.89 is now available on Google Play. This version includes important changes and bug fixes including full Chinese localization, new weather icon sets, Android 4.3/4.4 bug fixes and changes in the weather forecast layout screens.

Release notes.

- [new] Added 2 new weather icon skins
- [new] Added full Chinese localization
- [new] Added 'Follow us on twitter' link
- [chg] Changed one weather icon set
- [fix] Fixed weather forecast layout problems
- [fix] Fixed weather forecast display bug for specific locations
- [fix] Fixed Android 4.3 related crashes
- [fix] Fixed weather forecast display for 3.5 inch screen devices
- [fix] Fixed weather forecast display for large screen devices
- [fix] Bug fixes

Please report bugs by email.


  1. Hi!There is an issue with current weather. It is very inaccurate, both for weather and temperature. (Weather is rainy but widget insists that it is shiny outside!!)
    Please use a more accurate weather forecast site to be more helpful for us.
    It could be more useful to show real feel for temperature, humidity and air speed in widget.
    Moreover, it could be smart to save current location to "my locations" , so as to be more easy to save locations and towns we can't find through the search tab.
    Make your widget by far the best!
    Thank you in advance for you patience and your try.

    1. You can try entering your location manually and check if the weather is more accurate. I am already working on implementing a different weather forecast server that should be more accurate.

    2. I use the version 0.50 of Sense V2 flip clock & weather.
      The weather updates works good for me.
      Sometimes knows to stuck at manual updates (cannot update), but on automatic update usually works well. Speed change information on weather forecast (temperature and condition) is quite good and almost identical compare with those of

      Also Clock Time updates usually work well, but sometimes at unlock screen can freeze. If I do - lock/unlock screen then working again.

      I use Prestigio 4055, Android OS v 4.1.1

  2. How can I resize this thing on Galaxy Note 2?

    1. If you want to resize the widget, tap and hold, then choose resize. If you want to add the widget on your home screen, click here for instructions. Email us if you have any more questions.

  3. I did try that already. It doesn't even show up under widgets snd when I tap and hold, I don't get any options.

    1. Make sure the application is installed on internal memory, not on the SD card, restart your device and the widget should appear under the Widgets tab.

  4. It comes under one of the favourite application. I use it simply because of the transparent widget. Anyway the application is useful for me.