Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sense V2 flip clock & weather update available

Version 0.50 of the Sense V2 flip clock & weather application is now available on Google Play. This new version includes important bug fixes as well as new skins (white or red digits on black flaps) requested by many of our users. Following is a complete list of the changes and additions.

- [new] Added new skin, white digits on black flaps
- [new] Added full Chinese localization
- [new] Added new skin, red digits on black flaps
- [new] Added 'Follow us on twitter' link on the about page
- [chg] Changed 2 weather icon sets
- [fix] Fixed weather forecast display bug for specific locations
- [fix] Fixed weather forecast layout problems
- [fix] Fixed Android 4.3 related crashes
- [fix] Fixed weather forecast display for 3.5 inch screen devices
- [fix] Fixed weather forecast display for large screen devices
- [fix] Minor bug fixes

Please report any issues by email.


  1. Two new skins are really Great and excellent job.
    I just installed the new update (version 0.50), so far I like it and I will report my impressions soon.

    Also I noticed that previously reported bug now is fixed (Weather forecast layout when is in portrait position on the text below the 4 days weather icons missing second word).
    So far, widget RAM memory and battery consumption is at low level. Just keep it that way

    Thanks to the quick response to my request and suggestion about new skin.
    As usual I give rating 5/5 stars and highly recommend

  2. Hi Droid27,
    I want to express my impressions:

    I am very thankful and congratulate you for innovations update (new skins).
    You made a really brilliant and authentic dark skin design as modern dark retro clock with flaps. Compared to white flaps really much more authentic style.

    Now users have a really great opportunity for personal customization.

    1. White digits on black flaps really excellent design, so far it is my favorite No1.
    I'm using it without background panel (100% transparent background) and is pretty much better design look. Black flaps have really a special look as fancy glamorous retro clock, really impressive, and I loved in that way.

    2. Red digits on black flaps is also excellent design creation (completely identical to white digits design) also my favorite No1. Also I'm using it without background panel.

    I use the phone with 4.0 inches display (480x800 pixels), and fits very well.

    I highly recommend this clock widget, because it has a fancy look authentic to the original Sense 4, but is much better. Offers more customization and skins.

    Those who are looking clock weather widget, I recommend to install, because this is the best looking stile and so far working pretty stable, low RAM and battery consumption.

    Droid27, really done an impressive job and thanks again (deserved 5/5 stars).