Saturday, November 23, 2013

Transparent clock & weather version 0.73 now available

Version 0.73 of the Transparent clock & weather application is available on Google Play. This new version has important bug fixes, full Chinese localization, some improvements on weather icon sets and fixes on display layouts. Following is a complete list of changes for versions 0.70 through 0.73.

- Added 'Follow us on Twitter' option on about box
- Added full Chinese localization
- Added option to display shadows on widget text (under Appearance settings) (requested)
- Changed application icon
- Changed 2 weather icon sets
- Weather forecast temperature bug fix
- Weather forecast portrait and landscape layout changes
- Fixed weather forecast display for 3.5 inch screen devices
- Fixed weather forecast display for large screen devices
- Fixed Android 4.3 related crashes
- Minor bug fixes

Thanks to everyone for the feedback and all the help. As always, feel free to report problems and/or suggestions by email.


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  2. The clock on my nexus 4 and 7, running on kitkat always freezes, even with optimization turned off. Please update and fix this problem. Thanks.

    1. This is an issue with the latest Android update, version 4.4.2 (it appears on Nexus 4, 5 and 7 since these devices have already been updated), We have found the problem and we are currently performing tests. There should be an update soon (most probably tomorrow) that should correct this problem.

    2. The update was released and the 4.4.2 issue is fixed.