Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sense flip clock & weather version 0.72 released

Version 0.72 of the Sense flip clock & world weather application has been released on the Google Play website. This new update includes important additions, bug fixes and changes. Read the full release notes below for more information.

- [new] Added full Chinese language support
- [new] Added full Korean language support
- [new] New skin, black skin - large text
- [chg] Changed 2 weather icon sets
- [fix] Fixed weather icon theme background problem
- [fix] Fixed weather forecast layout problems
- [fix] Fixed weather forecast display bug for specific locations
- [fix] Fixed Android 4.3 related crashes
- [fix] Fixed weather forecast display for 3.5 inch screen devices
- [fix] Fixed weather forecast display for large screen devices
- [fix] Minor bug fixes

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  1. Hello and thanks for a great clock nut the last updated broke it :-( the clock doesnt stay updated anymore. Thanks for all your time and effort.

    1. Please reset the application (manage apps, select application, Clear data) and set it up again and the problem should be fixed. Email us if you have any more problems

    2. I have the same issue, did the suggested clear data. But still the clock is not updated and I had to move to the Dashclock. I miss my good old Sense Flip Clock & Weather :(

      Running Android 4.4 on Nexus 4 (Stock, not rooted)

    3. The problem could be that you re using a custom lock screen application. Go to settings, 'Advanced settings' and uncheck the 'Animate on unlock' option and the problem should be fixed

    4. Please update to the latest version of the applications. Some Android version 4.4.x bugs have been fixed.

  2. I use the version 0.50 of Sense V2 flip clock & weather.
    The weather updates works good for me.
    Sometimes knows to stuck at manual updates (cannot update), but on automatic update usually works well. Speed change information on weather forecast (temperature and condition) is quite good and almost identical compare with those of

    Also Clock Time updates usually work well, but sometimes at unlock screen can freeze. If I do - lock/unlock screen then working again.

    I use Prestigio 4055, Android OS v 4.1.1

  3. Please use a more accurate weather forecast site to be more helpful for us.
    Complimente for your job