Friday, December 20, 2013

Important update for the Transparent clock & weather application

The latest update of the Transparent clock & weather application, version 0.75, has just been released on Google Play. This version fixes a few bugs including the time freezing bug that appeared with the latest update of Android KitKat, 4.4.2. It also adds support for Lithuanian, Portuguese (Portugal) and Hebrew (full support coming soon).

- [new] Added Lithuanian localization (thanks to Richardas Kaunietis)
- [new] Added full Portuguese (Portugal) localization
- [new] Added Hebrew weather localization (thanks to Yuval)
- [new] Update local time on weather forecast page
- [new] Added 2 new skins (80% and 70%, themes 20 & 21)
- [fix] Fixed 4.2.2 time freezing problem
- [fix] Lock screen layout fixes
- [fix] Bug fixes

Thanks to all users who helped with the testing (especially Austin and Allen). As always, please report bugs by email.

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