Monday, December 30, 2013

Transparent clock & world weather version 0.76 just released

The latest update, version 0.76, of the Transparent clock & weather application has just been released on Google Play. This update contains some new features, support for new languages and some bug fixes.

Following is a full list of the release notes.

- [new] Added Arabic localization
- [new] Added Portuguese (Brasil) localization
- [new] Added option to share weather forecast (under weather forecast page menu)
- [chg] Added option to hide location (Appearance / Advanced settings)
- [chg] Changed weather forecast layout for small devices
- [fix] Fixed day display bug on weather forecast page
- [fix] Fixed 'Problem loading widget' for 4x1 size

The Share weather forecast option is found under the weather forecast page menu (tap the weather icon or start the application to display the weather forecast page, tap the menu button and choose the Share weather forecast item). Once you select this option you will be prompted by a dialog box where you select how you want to share the weather forecast. You can share it using email, Facebook, Twitter, Hangouts, Bluetooth or any other application available on your device that can handle this action. Note that you can share any weather location you like.


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  2. Erased 5*2 widget after update.
    Pls, revival 5*2 size from g2 user

    1. This issue was resolved with the latest update.

  3. RAM began using high.