Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sense V2 flip clock & world weather version 0.59 released

Version 0.59 of the Sense V2 flip clock and world weather application has just been released. This new version includes some bug fixes, support for new languages and new widget skins.

Release notes:
  • [new] New skins, white digits (thin) on black and blue digits on black
  • [new] Indonesian and Thai localization
  • [new] Support Sony Xperia alarm application
  • [fix] Fixed negative temperature notification
  • [fix] Fixed date formatting issues
  • [chg] Image optimization
Please email us for any problems or suggestions.


  1. Where do you get your weather data from?

  2. This is my all time favourite widget in six years of smartphoning. I think its so awesome with all those customizeable "shortcuts". And that i have Battery percentage, Weather, Time and Date (with Weeknumber) in one Widget. I use "SmartLauncher" so I only have room for one Widget on my Homescreen. -Sense V2 flip Clock is bar far the most satisfying. BUT I miss the "Mon. DD. Dec." Dateformat so the Weeknumber doesn't dissapear in a cloud.

    1. Awesome!
      Update 0.62.01 -New date format added, Mon. dd. Dec. But I'm sorry, I can't find it, I Only see "Mon. dd Dec. YYYY".
      Am I missing something? ;-)

    2. Oh I solved it.
      It dissapeared when I recovered my settings.
      Everything works fine now ��

  3. It prompts "tue.. 19. Aug.., 29" -a little to many punktuations.