Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sense flip clock & world weather version 0.82 released

Sense flip clock & world weather application has just been updated. The latest version, 0.82 is available on the Google Play website. This latest update includes some bug fixes, support for Indonesian and Thai languages and a new widget skin (blue digits on black flaps).

Release notes
- [new] New skin, blue digits on black
- [new] Indonesian and Thai localization
- [new] Support Sony Xperia alarm application
- [chg] Display location time on widget (when changing current location)
- [fix] Fixed negative temperature notification
- [fix] Image optimization

As always, email us for any problems or suggestions.


  1. The hour and minute panel does not flip after the update. Regards Greg

    1. Please reset the application (manage apps, select app, Clear data) and set it up again - there are no known issues with animation.

  2. The current temp is still at least 4 hours behind actual temp. Currently telling me its 14 degrees when all other weather sites (and the thermometer outside) say it 21. It also is telling me the range is 12 to 22 degrees and currently 14, yet the temp for my area never dropped below 15.9 last night so how can it currently be 14? Where is the current temp info coming from because it is not right.

    1. Please email us about the problem and let us know about your location. It could be a server related issue