Monday, April 7, 2014

3D Sense clock & world weather update 0.66 just released

A new update, version 0.66 of the 3D Sense clock & world weather has just been released. This update contains a few bug fixes and support for 3 new languages, Hebrew, Thai and Indonesian. Here are the detailed release notes:

- [new] Indonesian and Thai localization
- [new] Hebrew localization (thanks to Uri Sabhat)
- [new] Support Sony Xperia alarm application
- [new] Option to display temperature notification (option under Notification settings)
- [fix] Fixed negative temperature notification

Please email us for any errors, comments or suggestions.


  1. Love the old style LED segment font. Only thing that bugs me is the vertical segment on the number 1. I've mistaken that several times for a 7. I don't remember it being that way in any of my devices. Confusing.

  2. All digits are part of the LED segmented font so we cannot change individual characters/digits. We might add or change the given font with another one in a future update.