Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sense V2 Flip Clock and Weather version 0.35 released on the Google Play website

Version 0.35 of the Sense V2 Flip Clock & Weather is now available on the Google Play website. This new version includes important bug fixes, changes, new features and support for more languages.

Here is a list of the changes and new features:

- [new] Added weather localization for Chinese, Korean and Lithuanian
- [new] Added full localization for German, Polish, Croatian and Romanian
- [new] Added battery 1% fix for Motorolla devices
- [new] Added option for enabling optimizations (optimizations are off by default now)
- [new] Added support for lock screen widgets (requires version 4.2 or higher) (beta)
- [new] Added new skins with thicker font
- [new] Added new semi-transparent panel skins
- [chg] Added handling of more weather conditions
- [chg] Weather icon changes
- [chg] Language related changes
- [chg] Sort language selection list alphabetically
- [chg] Moved language selection option under Advanced settings
- [chg] Do not reset custom colors on widget skin selection
- [fix] Fixed state abbreviation bug
- [fix] Minor bug fixes

Please note!
Optimizations are off by default. You can enable them by checking the Enable optimizations option under Advanced settings. With optimizations enabled the application uses much less battery and memory. If you experience time freezing problems after enabling this option, please disable it.

As always, email us if you have any problems. Posting a negative review on the Google Play website will not solve the problem faster. Emailing us is the fastest way to get an answer and a solution to your problem.

Finally, if you enjoy using this application, please rate it and leave a nice comment on Google play.

Thank you for the support


  1. Hi, I really like this app.
    I would like to report that the widget's clock update speed is still too low (on low end devices) even if you change advanced settings and put update speed to 100.

    I also have a request: is it possible to add hourly forecasts in the weather page (where you can see the 4 days forecast)?

    Other than that... Good job!!
    And many thanks for creating this free app!

    1. The speed of the widget depends on the speed of your device. There are also times that a very high speed setting produces the opposite result, ie, animation looks broken. Try decreasing the animation speed value and see if it is better.

      Regarding the weather forecast, I am looking for another weather server that could provide more detailed weather forecast.

  2. I would like to ask what is the weather provider for this application.
    Best wishes

  3. Thanks for your answer. I will check the settings and let you know.
    For the provider this is free, precise, reliable and detailed (48 hours hourly forecast!)

  4. Yes, provides precise weather forecast. But, sometimes, the provider delays with providing the current temperature. Maybe it is the case since the forecast given in is given at intervals of 3 hours, instead at 1 hour. Maybe, you can consider giving possibility to users to choose between more than one weather provider. The free provider also gives very accurate (hourly) forecast.
    However, I tried a lot of similar applications, and I can say (and recommend) that this is one of the best clock&weather application, very stylish and realiable.

    1. Thank you for the information. The weather provider needs to provide an API to developers (i.e. a way to programmatically access their data). The server you mention does not seem to do that. Nevertheless, I am working on implementing a different weather server that will be reliable, accurate and provide detailed weather forecast; it will not be free but it will be a good solution for the future.

  5. I have Motorola Droid Maxx. Can't figure out how to enlarge the widget on my home screen.

    1. Please check the information on this link and email me if you have any more problems.

  6. Hello, I use v.0.37 and I give rating 5/5 stars.

    Congratulations and thanks for this excellent application. Almost identical to the original htc application, but offers much more customization.
    I’m a fan of htc sense and my previous phone was Htc Wildfire S.
    Now I use this great application on Prestigio 4055 (OS 4.1.1, Dual-core 1.2 GHz, 512MB RAM), more than 3 months and it works great. This phone has mostly native Google widgets without of too much customization choices available, but thanks to you my favorite clock with weather is again on my home screen.

    Actually I have noticed only one small bug: if I do manual update with touching the temperature or location and then open the page with the detailed weather conditions, after that if I remove from the list of recent apps, the weather data returns to previous update. On automatic update everything's fine.
    This small bug is no big deal and I no complaints, I would like to report only to know. Also when I remove from the list of recent apps, RAM memory usage descends from 30-40 MB to 5-6 MB.
    Also I tested the application “Transparent clock & weather”. It works well on this phone, but unlike “Sense V2 Flip Clock & Weather” consumes more memory (about 11-25MB, sometimes up to 40MB with Enableed optimizations.

    One suggestion: Think about upgrading which could flip background clock numbers, could change to dark gray color and the numbers of the clock in red or blue. Just like HTC Desire 200.

    1. Thanks. I will check the problem with manual updating and try adding new skins with the colors you mention in a future update.

    2. Hello Droid27, this is the best clock and weather widget

      I am pleased that you have reviewed my suggestion (dark flip background with red numbers), and I’m grateful that you will try to add it as a new skin.

      Today I updated in version 0.49 and the small bug on manual update which I reported, now is disappear. I noticed a difference in log files folder on SD Card. Now is missing a one old log file, and is create new one "locations.tmp".

      On the additional option “Animate on unlock” not see the difference on the way of working on flip animation, only see the possibility to ON or OFF flip animation after unlock the screen.

      I noticed a new bug on Weather forecast layout when is in portrait position.
      On the text below the 4 days weather icons missing second word (for ex. instead of standing “Partly cloudy” stands only “Partly”). In earlier version (0.37) I could scrolling and see the second word “cloudy” which was below “Partly”. Now Weather forecast layout is fixed, no possibility for scrolling and on weather icons is missing second word. On landscape position is no problem, two words are in one line.

      Best Regards,
      Don't forget, for me still this is the best clock and weather widget!
      I highly recommend.

    3. Thanks for reporting again.

      The weather forecast screen problem will be fixed in the next update (I am already aware of it).

      Regarding the animate on unlock option, that is useful for phones that have specific custom lock screens - if animate on unlock is checked on these type of phones, time does not update (the custom lock screen does not send the Unlock signal).

  7. I am using Lenovo K5 note and animate on unlock is not working through the option to animate on unlock is checked. Please suggest

    1. Thank you for the feedback.
      This could be due to how your device handles the user present/ unlock process. We will check and see if there is something that can be done to correct this. Make sure you receive all future updates and let us know if you have any more problems.

  8. how to chane the language to English?

  9. Tap the minutes on the widget to launch settings, select the 6th option (Advanced settings), select the 1 option (Language) and choose the desired language from the list.


  10. I use it as a wallpaper for the time and time dont really update. Even asking system time, it always stow me a wrong time because it dont update

    1. Thank you for the feedback. Please email us so that we can help

  11. Me no understand this setting no change time font