Friday, May 31, 2013

3D Sense clock & weather version 0.42

The latest version of the 3D Sense clock & weather application was released on the Google Play website. This version includes important changes, bug fixes and new features. The application is now localized in even more languages, includes an option to enable optimizations, new weather icons, a new weather forecast screen including dynamic backgrounds and much more.

A complete list of all the new features and fixes follows.

  • [new] Added support for lock screen widgets (requires version 4.2 or higher)
  • [new] Display wind in meters per second in weather forecast activity
  • [new] Added weather localization for Chinese and Korean
  • [new] Added new weather icon skins
  • [new] New weather forecast layout (with dynamic backgrounds)
  • [new] Display moon phase on weather forecast page
  • [new] Added full localization for Catalan, Czech, Korean, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Swedish and Turkish
  • [fix] Fixed activity stack problems
  • [fix] Fixed location related problems
  • [fix] Added handling of new weather conditions
  • [fix] Fixed bug in color selection dialog (hex)
  • [fix] Fixed timezone related bug
  • [chg] Added option for enabling optimizations (optimizations are off by default now)
  • [chg] Increased timeout period for location detection
  • [chg] Sort language selection list alphabetically
  • [chg] Moved language selection option under Advanced settings
Please note! 

Optimizations are disabled by default. They can be enabled by checking the Enable optimizations option under Advanced settings. If you experience time freezing problems after enabling this option, please disable it. Remember to exclude the application from any task killers or battery/memory saving applications that could be killing running tasks.

As always, email us if you have any problems or suggestions.

Thank you for the support.


  1. Can I ask you to change in the Hungarian translation the English word fair to "Napos" instead of "Érdekbarát"? :DDDDD

    I don't know how this word translated but funny"

    TIA, zsezo

  2. I will do that in the next update. Thank you for reporting it.

  3. So what exactly does "Enable Optimizations" do for me? I don't see any additional setup options. What optimizations are there?

  4. After this last update the location no longer updates. On previous versions the location updated as to where I was at. I went out of state yesterday and it still displayed my home weather even with gps on...... please fix if possible.

    1. Please restart your device and the problem should be fixed. Email if you have any more problems.

  5. I've been hunting for the animated widget that came stock on my last HTC. The ONE that I just got is lacking the clouds, rain, wiper, droplets...all of which would move across the entire screen. Where can I find an older version of your widget with those features?

    1. This application never had home screen animation. I am planning to add this feature in a future version though.

  6. how do I get back to the configuration screen? anywhere I tap on the widget brings up the weather location screen, same for launching the app from the drawer.