Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sense V2 clock & weather application version 0.34 released

Version 0.34 of the Sense V2 clock & weather application has been released. This version includes important battery optimizations, fixes and localisations to new languages. A list of the most important changes follows:

  • Major battery and memory optimizations
  • Added Italian localization (thanks to Fevv)
  • Added Turkish localization (thanks to Seckin)
  • Added Czech localization (thanks to Frank)
  • Added Swedish localization (thanks to Mathias)
  • Added Slovak localization (thanks to Rastislav)
  • Added Catalan localization (thanks to Ferri64)
  • Added different colors for high/low temperatures
  • Added new date display format (Mon 15 January)
  • Added new widget size, 4x3 (for bigger time flaps)
  • Fixed landscape layout
  • Location related fixes
  • French language fixes (thanks to Jean-Marc)
  • Fixed time animation on unlock
  • Fixed slower / faster description in animation speed selection
Please report any issues via e-amil.


  1. Is there a adfree pro version available? Your app is so cute that i really want to buy it!

  2. Thanks. Currently there is no ad-free version. I might work on this in the future.

  3. Gps can not be located in versions 0.65, my mobile phone is samsung s4

    1. Please restart your phone and try again. Email if you still have problems.