Monday, October 10, 2011

Memory usage optimization for the 3D Flip Clock & World Weather Widget

The latest update of the 3D Flip Clock & World Weather Widget for Android devices includes fixes, additions and changes for more efficient memory management. Some of the most important updates are the following:

  • Memory usage optimizations. The widget is now faster and leaner
  •  Fixed timezone bug in location based time display
  • Tap location name to request location update
  • Fixed bug in day/night calculation
  • Added option to launch two more applications by tapping the weekday and/or month. To set the applications to be launched go to preferences, select 'Advanced settings' and tap the 'Select weekday action' and/or 'Select month action'
  • Fixed bug in 24 hour time display
Coming soon!

The next version of the widget will support external skins/themes packages. You will be able to customize the look of the widget even more by downloading additional skins.
    Thanks to all the users who contributed to the new version by sending in suggestions, bug reports and requests. As always, any comments or requests are welcome.


    1. This app works great, lots of potential, especially with the new features coming soon. I have tried them all, and for user friendliness, speed, and minimum battery drain, this is the best out there.

    2. Love the widget. Can a second time be added in a smaller font to the flip .. possibly in the lower right corner of the hour and left of the minute to show another time zone, with name of zone or city... specifically UTC. This would be great for pilots, or just folks who travel. Needs to be 12/24 format.

      Thanks .. keep up the great work.