Thursday, September 15, 2011

More options in 3D Flip &Clock & World Weather widget

After several requests from users of the widget I have included new skins and added the possibility to customize the widget even more. You can now optionally hide/display the following parts of the widget:
  • Background panel
  • Date panel
  • Background flaps
  • Flap knobs (left, middle and right knobs)
  • Hi/Lo temperature display
To access these settings tap the minutes, tap Appearance settings and then Advanced options. From there you can select what to display (by default everything is visible).

Another addition is that in the color picker dialog there is now a new color button on the lower right part of the box. This button is set to the last color selected. Tapping it will set the current color to the last color selected. This is useful if you want to set custom colors for two or more components on the widget. For example, if you want to set the location and weather condition to a light blue color, do the following:
  • Go to settings, Appearance settings
  • Un-check the Use default colors checkbox (if selected)
  • Tap the location color
  • Select the color you like and tap the OK button
  • Tap the Weather condition color
  • Tap the right button (it should be set to the color you selected previously) and then tap the OK button
 Let me know if you have any more requests or suggestions!


  1. Droid27,

    I like the "3D Flip &Clock & World Weather widget" and "Digital Clock & World Weather widget", but I have a problem with both.

    I have a 320x480 screen and when I click to view the forecast details, the advertisement in the lower part of the screen covers the temperatures and the "tap any icon to refresh weather" message.
    I have seen in the pictures that in screens with more resolution there is a black space at the bottom of the screen, but with my resolution that black space does not appear (even if I slide the screen up).

    Thanks again,

  2. With the latest update, the hour and minutes are not displaying correctly :(

    The digits appear cut off now.

    Can you please look into this? (Desire HD, CM7)

  3. It didn't flip, should I set some setting or what?