Monday, July 13, 2015

TCW weather icon pack 1 update

TCW weather icon pack 1 has just been updated with one new weather icon skin, Mantra basic. Icon pack 1 now contains a total of 17 icon skins.

To use any of these skins simply install the TCW weather icon pack 1 from Google Play. If you have already installed the application, update it to obtain the new skin. To use any of the included weather icons skins on the Transparent clock & weather application go to settings > Appearance settings  > Weather icon skins and choose the desired skin (the skins from the TCW weather icon pack are found at the end of the list).

If you have any suggestions for different variations of any of the existing icon skins feel free to email us. Note that we are also planning to design realistic weather icons skins and release them in the future, probably in a new weather icon skin pack.


  1. The last update was stopped after the neck says weather

    1. Son güncellemeden sonra saat takılıyor