Friday, June 12, 2015

Transparent clock & weather version 0.84.65 is officially released

A major update of the Transparent clock & weather application has finally been released on Google Play. This update includes a lot of important new features, many bug fixes, support for new languages and optimizations. It also adds supports for some several small and medium resolution screens that had problems with the weather forecast page.

This version of the application also adds support for external weather icon skin support. TCW weather icon theme pack 1 has also been released and contains 7 new weather icon sets. We are planning to add more skins and create new theme packs in the future so send us your suggestions.

Release notes for version 0.84.65
- [new] Added selection of calendars for next event display
- [new] Added option to exclude whole day events from next events
- [new] Tap next event to view details
- [new] Norwegian localization (thanks to Eirik G.)
- [new] Persian localization
- [new] New weather provider
- [new] Added option to delete settings file
- [new] Support of external weather icon skins
- [chg] Display hourly forecast on widget every 3 hours
- [chg] Changed pull to refresh gesture in weather forecast
- [chg] Allow editing the default location name if not using dynamic location
- [chg] Use current time in font selection
- [chg] Changed widget location change hotspot (tap anywhere on the location to change)
- [chg] Advance to current time in hourly conditions
- [fix] Fixed weather forecast layouts for small and hdpi screens
- [fix] Display location date on widget
- [fix] Fixed weather forecast layout problems
- [fix] Fixed all-day calendar event issue
- [fix] Russian localization corrections (thanks to Dmitriy)
- [fix] Greek localization corrections (thanks to John A.)
- [fix] Fixed system font display in font selection
- [fix] Bug fixes and optimizations

Please email us if you have any problems or suggestions for future updates.

You can also help by joining our beta testers community; once you do that you will receive early, beta versions of the application and be able to post suggestions and comments on our board.

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  1. Can someone please help me. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 running android lollipop. I am trying to use a widget to display the time, weather and 'next calendar event' which works great. However the 'next calendar event is pulling from the wrong calendar. It currently pulls from my google calendar, when I want it to pull from my exchange calendar. My default calendar on my andriod calandar app is my exchange calendar. However when I go to transparent clock >Settings>Time & Date Settings>Select Calandars, there is no option to select my exchange calendar. There is only 'May Calendar' and a Google calendar. It doesnt even list my excange calandar to select from. Any other app I have on my phone allows me to select my exchange calendar. Is this a bug? can you help?

    1. even when I click on the date in the widget, the app opens my correct default calendar (exchange), however the 'next event' display is pulling from a google calendar, not my exchange calendar. There is not even an option to select my excange calendar in >Settings>Time & Date Settings>Select Calandars

    2. Hello Jeff and thanks for reporting this.

      The application only works with applications/calendars that post/enter information on the standard Google calendar database. Your exchange calendar obviously has its own calendar database so that is the reason that events are not displayed from it. Also, the calendars listed in the calendar selection are again calendars that make use of the Google calendar API, that is why the exchange calendar is not listed there. Finally, the reason the exchange calendar is opened when you tap the next event is because that is registered as the default calendar application on your device.

      I know it is difficult to change an application that you are used to, but I would suggest you try out the Google calendar. I have also started using it a long time ago and I am totally satisfied. It must also be possible to import your calendar from exchange to Google - search for it and I am sure you will find a solution.

    3. I have my Google Calendar synced to my Exchange Calendar to has everything there. However, all I see on the Weather App is the next All-Day event. I used to see the individual events but that disappeared when I had to reset my phone notifications and haven't see them since. There is one notification toggle out there that is not working.

  2. Please fix! I love the daylight duration feature on your app, especially living in Alaska where the amount of daylight per day changes drastically. Problem is the app calculates the amount of daylight wrong. The sunrise (3 am)and sunset (12 am) times are accurate, but it's calculating the duration of daylight in a negative number (- 3 hrs) instead of the 21 hrs of daylight it should be. This bug also leads the app to display my area in night time mode all the time, no matter what time of day it is. Please fix!

    1. Thanks for reporting this Jeff. I though we fixed this but we will have a look at it again and if we find a problem we will fix it in the next update. Let us know if you find any more problems.

  3. Hi All, i m using nexus 6 in India, i wish to have a live weather wallpaper which set full screen on my mobile. And show rain drops on full screen while raining out side..kindly suggest me...