Monday, May 11, 2015

3D Sense clock & weather version 0.76.38 just released on Google Play

The latest version of the application has just been released on Google Play. This version includes a log of changes, bug fixes, optimizations and support for new languages. Here are the release notes:

Release notes for version 0.76.38
- [new] Added selection of calendars for next event display
- [new] Added Norwegian and Persian localization
- [new] Option to exclude whole day events from next events
- [new] Tap next event to view details
- [new] Added option to delete settings files
- [new] Display extended weather information by default
- [chg] Changed pull to refresh gesture in weather forecast
- [chg] Advance to current time in hourly conditions
- [fix] Fixed system font display in font selection
- [fix] Bug fixes and optimizations

Please report any problems you find via email and do not forget to rate the application on Google Play if you like it.


  1. The local refreshed temp is 12-15° cooler than 3 other sources??

    1. What 3 other sources Bruce? Please explain.

  2. The next event is displaying one day early. Is that intentional?

    1. This is a calendar/device specific issue (it does not happen on all devices). We have found a fix and we will include it in the next update