Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New version of Sense V2 flip clock & world weather released

The new version of the Sense V2 flip clock & world weather has just been released. Version 0.57 of the application includes some important new features as well as some bug fixes. One of the most important changes in this version is the display of high resolution time digits and the optional display of a status/notification bar temperature.

Detailed release notes follow:

- [new] New date formats (without leading day/month zeros)
- [new] Option to display temperature notification (option under Notification settings)
- [new] Added full Hebrew support (thanks to Uri Sabhat)
- [chg] Changed 4x3 widget layout
- [chg] High resolution time display
- [fix] More accurate location detection for specific locations
- [fix] Fixed GPS related problem on Kitkat (4.4.2)
- [fix] Bug fixes

In case you choose to display a temperature notification, drop down the status bar for location and weather condition details and tap the details to jump to the detailed weather forecast page.

As always, email us for any issues, bugs or problems.

Thank you for all the support.

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