Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Major update for the Sense flip clock & weather widget

A major update for the Sense flip clock & weather widget has been release on the Google play website. This update includes important additions, localization for new languages as well as bug fixes and optimizations. A list of the most important changes and additions follows:

  • Faster, smoother time flip animation
  • Animation on screen unlock
  • Added new weather forecast screen with moon phase information
  • Added option to update location on network connection (under Weather & location settings)
  • Added options to backup and restore settings (under Advanced settings)
  • Added possibility to specify color by entering HEX value (in color picker dialog)
  • Added Russian localization (thanks to Alex Zolotov)
  • Added Hungarian localization (thanks to gidano - http://sympda.info)
  • Added French localization
  • Added Greek localization
  • Changed the default skin (for new installations)
  • Miscellaneous cosmetic changes
  • Bug fixes

Please report any issues by e-mail.


  1. Unable to display on homescreen. Sign I doing something wrong? Is this app compatible with Samsung Galaxy 3?

  2. The widget is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S3. TO add the widget on your home screen please do the following:

    - Open the Applications drawer
    - Select the Widgets tab from the top (see image below)
    - Find the widget you want to install
    - Tap and hold for a couple of seconds, then drop it on the home screen to install