Friday, August 24, 2012

Transparent clock & world weather is available on Google Play

Our newest clock & weather widget is now available on the Google Play website. This widget is based on our previous clock widget but contains lots of exciting new features and options. Here is a brief summary:

Transparent clock & world weather is a full featured, totally customizable digital clock and weather forecast application and widget. It comes in 3 sizes, 4x1, 4x2 and 5x2 and is easy to setup and customize.

The widget features the following:
- 3 widget sizes; 4x1, 4x2 and 5x2 (for Galaxy Note or tablets)
- Several widget skins to choose from (more skins to come)
- 4 weather icon skins
- Different fonts for the time
- Automatic location (from cell/wifi or GPS) or fixed/manual
- Weather conditions and temperature for current location
- Detailed weather forecast display that includes the following:
- Location local time
- Sunrise and sunset time for current location
- Humidity and wind conditions
- Current condition, temperature and low and high temperatures
- Current condition icon
- Last weather update time
- 4 day weather forecast
- Background according to the weather condition and day/night
- Optional display of the current moon phase
- World weather: Choose to display weather information for any number of different locations worldwide
- 8 widget hotspots (most of them can be user defined to launch specific applications)
- Display available phone ad SD card memory, WiFi or 3G state

The widget can be fully customized with the following options:
- Choose the widget and weather icon skins
- Choose the color for any item on the widget
- Choose time font
- Display 12 or 24 hour time with optional AM/PM indicator
- Select the date display format
- Display a manually selected location's time instead of phone's time
- Optionally show or hide specific elements of the widget (hi/lo, battery, status line)
- Use current location to display weather info or specify any location you want
- Get location updates from the network (cell/WiFi) or your GPS
- Celsius or Fahrenheit
- Kilometers or Miles per hour
- Optionally display the next alarm
- Optionally display the week number
- Select automatic weather refresh period (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 hours)
- Unlimited number of world locations

Note that the 4x1 widget does not show the date, next alarm or system information.

Please exclude the widget from task killers.

Please report any problems, suggestions or requests via e-mail.


  1. Great app, but can you make it auto update the basis info on device unlock? I am referring to battery status, sdcarf and ram info, not the weather.


  2. Great app.
    What about a Spanish translation?

  3. Hey, could we have a skin which looks like the HTC clock/weather? :)

    1. There is already a widget that looks like the sense clock and weather. You can find it here: Sense flip clock & weather

  4. Can't seem to get the date to show. Went through the settings without luck. Any advice?

    1. If you are using the 4x1 widget, it currently does not support the display of the date. There is an update coming very soon that will display the date on the 4x1 widget too.

  5. Shouldn't the icon changes if the weather changes too? Right now in Lisbon (Portugal) is raining, but the widget shows a sun and says that is 'Clear'. I updated, and in the update screen it shows a grey cloud and says 'Storm', but in the widget screen it keeps sunny and clear.

    Portuguese is not Spanish:

    'Claro' is Spanish ('Limpo' is Portuguese)
    'Tormenta' is Spanish ('Tempestade' is Portuguese)

    If you want send me the strings in English a I translate to Portuguese.

    Thank you

    1. Please contact me at my e-mail address (you can find my e-mail address at the end of the application's help file).

  6. Great App..I've tried the rest, now I have found the best.

  7. I downloaded it but it won't update and it says N/A. I do have a task killer as well. how do i fix this problem?

  8. Can't find how to change the background skin

  9. Love the app just wish there was a paid version w/o ads