Sunday, May 1, 2011

Battery Power Widget for Android release

Battery power widget is a useful power management widget for Android devices. Its main purpose is to display the status for your phone's battery and at the same time provide simple but effective automatic power management by turning off unnecessary power draining services such as bluetooth, wifi, gps and mobile data. The widget can be setup to turn off the above services a number of minutes (specified by the user) after the screen turns off. It can also turn back on, any services that were active and were shut down, when the phone's screen turns back on again.

The widget also can be configured to notify the user when the battery level drops below a specified percentage by playing a sound. It can also, turn off any services if the battery drops below that level so that it prolongs the phone's battery life

A list of most of the features of the battery power widget followes:

- Turn on and off Wifi, Bluetooth, Gps and Mobile data (3G/Gprs)
- Turn on/off silent mode
- Turn on/off vibration mode
- Turn on/off Flight mode
- Turn on/off Auto-sync
- Adjust the screen brightness
- View detailed information of battery status
- Automatically turn off wifi, bluetooth, gps and mobile data services when the phone becomes idle (you can specify the time after the screen turns off to stop these services)
- Automatically restart any services that were stopped on idle mode when screen turns back on
- Get notification when the battery level drops below a specified percentage
- Optionally stop running services such as wifi, bluetooth, gprs and mobile data when the battery drops below specified level

In addition, this widget provides quick access to the following phone settings:
- Volume control
- Screen timeout
- Wifi settings
- Bluetooth settings
- Gps settings
- Mobile data (3G/Gprs) settings

Remember that this is a widget. When you start the widget from the application list it will display instructions on how to add it as a widget on your home screen.

Let me know of any suggestion or problems you may have.

Thank you for your support.


  1. Can't download via market. Using X8 2.1

  2. Can you find the application on the market? If not, then most probably your phone does not meet the requirements for this widget. Check and let me know...

  3. where can i get the apple like status bar is awesome thank you

  4. Hi, Great app! How can i disable the Ads? Regards, Klaudio!

  5. Hi Droid27

    Thank you for these great app, this is just what I was looking for, I can manage all the connections from one screen!

    I'm having a problem with the 3G on/off... it's not working as expected and it does modify the APN and after that I can't connect to 3G, I have to delete the APN and recreate it so I can connect...

    Please can you fix these, I find your app very useful and I would like to keep using it!



  6. Regarding the 3G problem, this is because the only way to turn 3G off from a program is by modifying the APN name (or something similar). Using this method works (on a lot of phones). If you have a problem with your 3G being modified, you do not have to delete it. Just edit your APN name and remove the -off postfix. That should solve your problem.

  7. Hi,
    Sorry for my bad english :) I use your application since I bought my smartphone. It's great tool and works perfectly until I update Android to ver 2.3.3. Since that time I can't start GPS through your widget. If I run GPS from phone settings it's works perfectly, but if I try run this option from widget, GPS icon lights up orange and does not change color to green. My phone is Samsung Galaxy Ace. Can you do something about it?

  8. I have similar issue - as soons as I enter settings with GPS enabled - the application locks/requires GPS until I stop the widget process.

    I.e. not possible to disable GPS without turning it off completly in general settings.

    So some bug about widget requesting location constantly.

    Xperia Mini Pro Android 2.3

  9. Jeppe, the widget does not request location; in fact, it does not do anything with any of the settings except turning them on and off. There could be a problem with the 2.3.3 version of Android - I will check it and try to fix it if there is such a problem.

  10. I am using this powerful / great widget since June on my SGS2. I love the clean efficient interface.
    I have a small problem since the 0.63 update. My standby time is halved.
    Could you please check the power management