Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fast Dialer android application

Fast Dialer is a free application for Android mobile devices that provides fast and easy access to your contacts.You can use this program to call, send SMS messages or manage your contacts quickly and easily.

The application supports the following features:

* Locate any contact with a single tap
* Automatic dialing of a contact by tapping the contact
* Display contacts in a list or a grid view
* Optionally display your favorite contacts on program start up
* Optionally display contact photos
* Works on small, medium or large Android devices, in portrait and landscape orientations
* Quick access buttons to the phone dialer, the call log, your favorite contacts and SMS
* Supports 6 themes and the option to customize the interface with your own colors
* Quick access menu to edit a contact, view a contact's details, call a contact or send an SMS

If you have any suggestions, comments or problems using the application, do not hesitate to contact me.

How to change the application theme:
  • Tap the application menu button and select Setup (see image below)
  • Scroll down to the Dialer Theme section
  • Select the desired theme
  • To change the button text color scroll down to the Colors (custom theme) section and tap the Button text color and Contact Text color buttons to chose the desired color

If you have any suggestions, comments or problems using the application, please contact us by email of by posting here.

Thank you for using Fast Dialer...


  1. There's already a Fast Dialer android application available for a while which is quite different, pity you decided to choose the same name.

  2. I could not find another application with this name at the time of development, that is why I chose this name. I believe this is not the only case with applications with duplicate names on the Android market, therefore this should not pose a big problem to anyone.