Transparent clock & world weather help

Click here for help on adding the widget on your home screen

Widget hotspots 

The widget contains several hotspots, ie, areas that respond when the user taps them. The following image shows the widget hotspots:

Hotspot 1: Minutes
Hotspot 2: Hour
Hotspot 3: Weather icon
Hotspot 4: Current temperature
Hotspot 5: Current date
Hotspot 6: Wifi icon
Hotspot 7: Settings hotspot
Hotspot 8: Battery information
Hotspot 9: Next location

The actions performed when the hotspots are tapped (clicked) are the following:
  1. Minutes hotspot: Display the widget main preferences screen
  2. Hour hotspot: Launch the default alarm application - This should work for most of the phones including HTC, Samsung, Nexus and Motorolla
  3. Weather icon hotspot: Display the weather forecast screen
  4. Current temperature: Update weather information (request new forecast from the Internet)
  5. Tap to open associated application (user defined)
  6. Tap to launch WiFi settings
  7. Minutes hotspot: Display the widget main preferences screen (alternative hotspot in case the minute hotspot is changed by the user)
  8. Battery information hotspot. Tap to view details about power status and consumption.
  9. Next location hotspot. Tap to display next location weather information on the widget.

Note about the alarm application!

If the hour hotspot (hotspot #2) does not work on your phone, (i.e., tapping it does not launch your the alarm application) you can select the alarm application (or any other application you want to launch when the hour is clicked) by doing the following:
  • Tap the minutes (hotspot #1) to go to the Preferences screen 
  • Tap 'Advanced settings' 
  • Uncheck the 'Default hour action' checkbox 
  • Tap the 'Select hour click action' and wait for the applications to load (this can take some time, depending on how many applications you have installed on your phone) 
  • When the applications list appears, locate the application you want to launch and tap it 
  • Press the Home button to return to your home screen 

Note about task killers

If you have a task killer application installed on your device, exlude the widget from its auto-kill list, otherwise the widget will stop working.

Rating the widget If you like the widget you can leave a rating and comment by doing the following:
  • Open the Android market 
  • Tap on My Apps and locate the Transparent Clock & Weather widget 
  • Tap the stars located under the 'My review' heading 
  • Select your rating 
Once you have rated the application you will have the option to leave a comment

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In case of problems using the widget, please send us an e-mail and try to provide the following information:

  • A clear description of the problem
  • The hardware (type of phone) and software (Android version) you are using
  • Any other information that might be useful to us in solving the problem (whether the error is random or not, if it is happening often, etc, when no connection is available, etc)


  1. someone please help!!! I have Droid Transparent clock/weather app installed on phone. Had to reinstall because stopped working. Now, I can only get it as a small app icon on my screen - not as a transparent application as before. I can't figure out how to get if from a small icon to actually being on the screen (I think it's supposed to be 1x4" or 2x4"). If anyone knows how to fix this, please email me at thanks!!!

  2. Click here for details on how to add a widget on your home screen. If you have any more problems please email us.

  3. Are you planning an ad-free pay version? For me it would be perfect without this annoying advertisement...

  4. Hello I would like to know how do you update directly on the weather widget

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Can anyone help or tell me why the widget setting will only recognize 'May Calendar' and 'Google Calendar' ? It wont recognize any other calendar (eg. Exchange) that I have on my android. It will only let me select Google or My calendar. If I deselect either of these two calendars, it defaults back to google when I want to be able to select my exchange calandar.

  6. I recently download the application and I noticed that some informations about moon phases are wrongly given....for example the application reports full moon on 25th January instead of 24th and 23rd February instead of 22nd and i think that some kind of errors are randomly present for the other months. The application is good and so i hope this think will be fixed.

    Thank you

  7. I am using the app on a Nexus 6P running Android 6.0.1. The home screen widget is 4x3 transparent and I'm using Foreca as the weather provider. The temperature on the right below the weather icon is 44 degrees. On the line below the forecast - Mostly Cloudy (Now), is information about wind pressure etc. The first item on that line following the symbol of two horizontal lines with a third squiggly line above is 39F. I'm assuming this is the temperature, but I don't understand why it is different from the temperature under the weather icon. Sometimes it is the same; often it is different. I've noticed it also when I change to another weather provider.

  8. It appears that the 2nd temperature is the 'feels like" temperature and if so I understand the difference described in the above comment. It would help if the symbol was added to the symbols on the help screen.

  9. Using the 4x3 5-day forecast and any way to show sunrise sunset times?

    1. Thanks for the feedback Peter.
      We are planning to add more widgets in a future update - one of them will support display of sunrise and sunset times.

  10. I am using on s5 android. How do you not have appointments show at top of screen under location? Such as "doc appointment 9am".

    1. Launch the application, select menu > Settings > Time & date settings and un-check the 'Display next event' option. Email us if you need any more help

  11. TCW 09 - PixelXL - There is a clock on the widget but on my homepage there is NO CLOCK. The main reason I use the app is that the tiny clock on the right hand corner is too small, Help, please

    1. Thank you for the feedback.
      Please email us at and send a screenshot if possible so that we can see what the problem is.

  12. Hello im using a nexus 5 with your apolication,but i cant disable the Status Bar in the nexus "news feed" or how it's called.
    Any fixes?

    1. Thank you for contacting us. Please explain what you mean by status bar - are you referring to the Temperature notification on the status bar, or something else?

  13. Does anyone know how to change the home location? I arrived in Fiji and it is defaulting to Fiji as the current location and home. I want my home city to be the home location so I can see both times.

    1. Please visit the application page on Google Play and download the latest beta version. It includes a lot of important changes and bug fixes. One fix is regarding the location - it should now update fast and on time. Email us if you have any more problems.

  14. Hello, how to set to show temperature on the left upper corner beside time? i can see there only icon of app and when i pull down it shows place and temperetarure. thats not what i want

    1. Please email us a screenshot at our support email (found under settings > About) and explain what you mean so that we can help.

  15. Hi,

    For some reason, since yesterday, the alarm section in your 5x2 widget and every other widget shows the wrong alarm time. Even when there is no alarm, it shows and alarm sign with a time which is about 59 mins away.

    This is on the free ad version downloaded from google play on a S8 with the latest software installed.

    Otherwise, great widget, Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you for reporting this Nik. This is caused when another application is using the system alarm database to set alarms for internal use. Our application asks Android for the next scheduled alarm and displays whatever Android provides it - it is not a problem of our application (you can use a widget from a different app to check this). I would suggest that you try force-stopping any other apps that you have installed since the problem started until you find the culprit.

  16. I can no longer add a new location. It searches and just says "can't find location, make sure you are online and have put in a correct location." But I am online and have put in a normal location.

    1. Thank you for reporting this. We will be releasing a new version soon that will correct this problem - sign up to the beta version if you would like to get the new update as soon as it is released.

  17. Running the widget on a Samsung Tab E. The Hotspot to toggle between daily and hourly forecasts is not responding.