Saturday, August 15, 2015

Transparent clock & weather now on Facebook

The popular weather application, Transparent clock & weather, has its own page on Facebook as of today. We will be posting screenshots, tips and helpful videos regularly so make sure to visit the page often.

Click here to visit the page on Facebook and like it, share it with friends and even post your own screenshots of the Transparent clock & weather on your home screen.

If you have any suggestions regarding the Facebook page please email us and let us know.

Thanks for the support!

Monday, August 3, 2015

New beta version of Transparent clock & weather is now available

Beta version 0.84.80 of Transparent clock & weather just released on Google Play. This version includes mainly bug fixes and support for a new language. 

Here are the release notes:

Version 0.84.80
- [new] Hindi localization
- [new] Display cookie consent message on first run
- [fix] Language corrections (Italian, Dutch, Portuguese-Brazil)
- [fix] Fixed problem with Time & date settings (Ukrainian locale)
- [fix] Fixed custom widget setting bug
- [fix] Display future day sun rise/set times (WUN server)
- [fix] Fixed display of next event date on Android prior to ICS
- [fix] Fixed event launch bug on Android versions prior to 4.0

Thanks to all users and beta testers for reporting bugs and suggesting corrections.

Please note that in order to receive the beta version you must be a member of the TCW beta tester community on Google+. If you are not and are interested in joining our beta testers community, click below to visit the community and Ask to join.

TCW beta testers community on Google+

Monday, July 13, 2015

TCW weather icon pack 1 update

TCW weather icon pack 1 has just been updated with one new weather icon skin, Mantra basic. Icon pack 1 now contains a total of 17 icon skins.

To use any of these skins simply install the TCW weather icon pack 1 from Google Play. If you have already installed the application, update it to obtain the new skin. To use any of the included weather icons skins on the Transparent clock & weather application go to settings > Appearance settings  > Weather icon skins and choose the desired skin (the skins from the TCW weather icon pack are found at the end of the list).

If you have any suggestions for different variations of any of the existing icon skins feel free to email us. Note that we are also planning to design realistic weather icons skins and release them in the future, probably in a new weather icon skin pack.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Change of developer name for the Droid27 applications

Dear users.

As some of you may have noticed, the developer name for our applications has changed from Droid27 to MACHAPP Software Ltd. The reason for this is that we have started a new company, MACHAPP Software Ltd that will take over the development and support of all our Android applications providing the same and even better quality of products and support.

This transition will be transparent to our users. The only thing that will be different will be the the developer name. We will continue to use the same support email address, Google communities (for beta testers), the same blog and Twitter accounts. We are also planning to have a website and a Facebook page soon.

Please check our blog often for news and updates.

Thank you for the support.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Apps back on Google Play.

Dear users.

Our applications are back on Google Play! We have eventually sorted out the issue that caused this problem and we will continue to provide support and updates for all our applications as always.

Thank you all for the support.

Please note: If an application is not back yet, check back later. Email us if you have any more problems.

Monday, June 22, 2015

TCW weather icon pack 1 released

The first weather icon pack for our Transparent clock & weather application has just been released. The TCW weather icon pack 1 is an add-on pack that adds support for more weather icon skins to the Transparent clock & weather application.

Simply download and install the add-on from Google Play and then choose your favorite weather icons from the Transparent clock & weather application (settings > Appearance settings > Weather icon skin).

The add-on already contains 15 new weather icon sets. We are planning to add even more icon sets and even create more add-ons in the future.

Feel free to email us with comments or suggestions and if you enjoy the application, take a minute and rate us on Google Play.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Transparent clock & weather version 0.84.65 is officially released

A major update of the Transparent clock & weather application has finally been released on Google Play. This update includes a lot of important new features, many bug fixes, support for new languages and optimizations. It also adds supports for some several small and medium resolution screens that had problems with the weather forecast page.

This version of the application also adds support for external weather icon skin support. TCW weather icon theme pack 1 has also been released and contains 7 new weather icon sets. We are planning to add more skins and create new theme packs in the future so send us your suggestions.

Release notes for version 0.84.65
- [new] Added selection of calendars for next event display
- [new] Added option to exclude whole day events from next events
- [new] Tap next event to view details
- [new] Norwegian localization (thanks to Eirik G.)
- [new] Persian localization
- [new] New weather provider
- [new] Added option to delete settings file
- [new] Support of external weather icon skins
- [chg] Display hourly forecast on widget every 3 hours
- [chg] Changed pull to refresh gesture in weather forecast
- [chg] Allow editing the default location name if not using dynamic location
- [chg] Use current time in font selection
- [chg] Changed widget location change hotspot (tap anywhere on the location to change)
- [chg] Advance to current time in hourly conditions
- [fix] Fixed weather forecast layouts for small and hdpi screens
- [fix] Display location date on widget
- [fix] Fixed weather forecast layout problems
- [fix] Fixed all-day calendar event issue
- [fix] Russian localization corrections (thanks to Dmitriy)
- [fix] Greek localization corrections (thanks to John A.)
- [fix] Fixed system font display in font selection
- [fix] Bug fixes and optimizations

Please email us if you have any problems or suggestions for future updates.

You can also help by joining our beta testers community; once you do that you will receive early, beta versions of the application and be able to post suggestions and comments on our board.

Click here to join the TCW beta testers community.