Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Transparent clock & weather version 0.84.52 just released

Transparent clock & weather version 0.84.52 has just been released on Google Play. The new version of the application includes important new features, improvements and bug fixes. Among the most important new features is the addition of two new weather providers, Weather Underground and Yr.no. Here is a list of the changes and additions.

Version 0.84.52
- [new] New weather providers
- [new] Display pressure tendency (steady, rising, falling) in extra weather info widgets (beta)
- [new] Display pressure tendency in current conditions (beta)
- [new] Slovenian language support
- [new] Added windy weather condition icons
- [new] Added credits & attributions in About page
- [new] Edit location name (from Manage locations)
- [new] Drag and drop to change location order (Manage locations)
- [new] Touch moon phase icon on widget to launch moon forecast page
- [fix] Language corrections (Russian, Greek)
- [fix] Fixed custom widget drawing on 4x1 weather widgets
- [fix] Bug fixes

Please email us if you find any problems.

Thanks for the support!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Weather applications updated - TCW update coming soon

All our weather applications (except Transparent clock & weather) have been updated. The update included many bug fixes and the addition of a new weather provider (this will fix all accuracy related problems). If you have not updated your application yet, please visit the application page on Google Play and do so. Here are the links to all our applications.

3D Sense clock & weather

3D Flip clock & weather

Digital clock & weather

Sense flip clock & weather

Sense V2 flip clock & weather

A new version of the Transparent clock & weather application is being released for beta testers now. As soon as it is tested and all bugs are fixed, it will be released officially on Google Play.

Please note that we will soon be adding support for another weather provider to our World clock & weather application.

Thanks for the patience and support.

Please send us an email if you have any more problems.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Weather applications - update

We are working hard to incorporate more weather servers into our weather applications. We have almost finished and we are currently performing tests. We will soon release a beta version of the Transparent clock and weather application on the TCW beta testers community. If someone wants to become a beta tester, click the link TCW beta testers link and ask to join.

3D sense has already been released on Google Play and includes one more weather server.

Thanks for the support!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Weather server problems (Update)

The weather server related issues are almost resolved. At the moment, only OpenWeatherMap is working properly so we have removed the weather server selection option and released some updates that fix certain problems.

We are now working on adding support for more servers. Please make sure to update to the latest version as it should work for all of you. If you get a server error when refreshing the weather, try again later.

We are aware of the problems and we do our best to have a fully working version as soon as possible.

Check our blog for updates - we will post when we have news. Also tell people you know to check our blog for updates.

Thanks for the support.

New updates being released

Some more problems were encountered due to a weather server overload, even after if we switched to a different server. We have fixed a few bugs and added one more weather server to our applications and we are scheduling to release updates soon. Once you get the new updates, check under Weather & location settings > Weather provider and use the server that is more accurate (or working) for you.

We will try to resolve all server problems as soon as possible.

Thanks for the support.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New version of Transparent clock & weather being released

A new version of the popular application, Transparent clock & weather is now being released on Google Play. It should be available in the next 1 or 2 hours. Besides the weather server error fix and the addition of a new weather provider, this new version of the application includes important bug fixes, optimizations, widget layout changes, many new features, new localisations and language corrections. Following is the list of changes, additions and features.

Release notes (version 0.84.35)
- [new] Added new weather server (option under Weather & location settings)
- [new] Display date on 4x1 forecast widgets
- [new] Added humidity, pressure and precipitation information in hourly forecast
- [new] Added option to notify on manual weather updates
- [new] Added moon information page in weather forecast
- [new] Added Chinese date formats
- [new] Display next event on 4x1 widgets
- [new] New moon icons
- [new] Widget customization wizard and icon sets
- [new] Next event display improvements
- [new] Added Serbian (Cyrillic) localization
- [chg] Moved moon phase settings under Appearance > Advanced settings
- [chg] Changes in 4x1 weather forecast widgets (larger icons)
- [chg] Removed 'My locations' option from settings (now accessible from weather forecast menu)
- [chg] Removed moon phase from current conditions (add it back from option under Appearance settings, Advanced settings)
- [chg] Changes in weather icons themes 1, 6, 7 and 8
- [chg] Minor changes in widget layouts
- [fix] Support next event display on Android versions < 11
- [fix] Fixed weather forecast sharing problem
- [fix] Language corrections
- [fix] Bug fixes

Note that even though there were some changes in the current weather conditions page, you can still bring back the old layout from settings, Weather & location settings, Use new forecast layout (un-check this option). You can also bring back the moon icon on the current conditions page by checking the Display moon phase option under settings, Appearance settings, Advanced settings.

Please report any bugs, comments or suggestions by email.

Thank you for the support.

Weather provider issues have been resolved

As we said earlier, the 'Server error' that started appearing since yesterday was caused by a problem with the weather server. We have finally introduced an additional weather server in all our weather applications and already released updates for all. You should be getting the new updates withing the next 1 or 2 hours.

From now on, the new weather provider will be used by default. The previous one should start working soon - we have left it as an option under Weather & location settings (the option is called Weather provider) (the old weather provider is the Default option). If you would like to switch back to the old server you may do so but we will be removing this option in a future update and probably provide another choice.

Please let us know if there are any more problems. Also, have in mind that even though we have performed a lot of tests with the new weather server, there could still be a few bugs that we have not discovered. In such a case, please email us with details the problem.

Please remember to leave a positive feedback on Google Play if you enjoy our weather apps. If you have any problems or suggestions, please email us first.

Thank you for all the support.